Catherine Paris                   Author ~ Coach ~ Ghostwriter


Catherine Paris has been a writer and an author for more than thirty years. Her career includes article writing, web site content, blogs, business writing, ghostwriting, and of course, her own books.


Ms. Paris has coached other writers over the years and she has helped them to realize their dreams of becoming writers and authors. Ms. Paris limits her coaching clients to those who seem best suited for her coaching programs.


Ms. Paris has years of experience as a ghostwriter. Her professionalism and discretion has made her clients extremely happy. The art of ghostwriting is tricky for many writers, as they are unable to leave their "voice" out of the work they were contracted to complete. This has never been a problem for Ms. Paris. Her clients have been overly excited when presented with the final product, many have been amazed at how much the finished worked actually "sounded" like them. Ms. Paris only takes on a few clients each year; her practice is limited to clients with who she feels compatible to projects which fall within the scope of acceptable topics. Ms. Paris only works with positive people who do not promote hate and negativity.

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